About Us

The Association of Polish Engineers in Great Britain is an independent, self-governing scientific and technical organisation that brings together engineers, architects, scientists, technicians and students living and working in the United Kingdom. STP includes people and institutions representing various disciplines of technical sciences, as well as enthusiasts of broadly understood science and technology.

For those of us who are bilingual, the anomaly in the translation of the name of the Association will not have gone unnoticed. In Polish, the strict translation of STP reads ‘Association of Polish Technicians’. The Polish name was the first name of the Association and for historical reasons, it has not been changed and the acronym, STP, has been maintained. The Association, however, was the idea of Polish Engineers, thus giving rise to the use of the English title of engineer, and as we are registered with the Charity Commission, the name Association of Polish Engineers has legal status.

The Association is registered with the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation number 1181306. The headquarters of the Association are located in the Polish Social and Cultural Association Ltd.’s Centre (POSK) in London. We are ordinary members of NOT (Naczelna Organizacja Techniczna) in Poland and since 2019 the Association has been registered as an Affiliate Member of the Engineering Council in the UK.